Customer Care
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Dear Customer,

Thank you for subscribing to theE-bill service

This is in reference to your Reliance Mobile number 9320084854 For Account No
500000589671 , we would like to inform youthat your account usage is high. Please
pay Rs 1172.34 to enjoy uninterrupted outgoing service.

Payment of your billcan be made using the following options:

1. Online payment: Just log on to our web site and choose to pay
from the following options:

  • Instant Pay: Allows you to makeinstant payment without any registration.

  • Register and Pay through My Services: Create your ownlogin id and password
    and register your account on My Services. Through My Services you can view
    your billdetails, last payment details, make bill payment and choose from host
    of other services. To use this option click on

    2. Payment by Phone for Mobile Customers: Dial *222 from your Reliance Mobile
    and from the MainMenu Select Option 1. Then select billing and payment related
    option and follow the instructions.

    3.Payment by Phone for HSD Customers: Dial our Toll Free number 18003005555
    and after selecting your preferred languagepress 1. Then enter you 10 digit data
    card number and follow the IVR instructions.

    4. Electronic ClearingService: Register for ECS and make sure that you never miss
    your due date for payment. Using this service your monthly billautomatically gets
    charged to your bank account or your credit card. To download the registration form
    click on and
    go to Postpaid Mobile, Billing page. Kindly fill the form and submit it at your nearest
    Reliance Communications Outlet.

    5. Pay by Cheque / Draft: Drop a Cheque or draft in favor of RCIL A/c RIS
    500000589671 in the nearest drop box. To know your nearest drop box location please
    visit us at

    6. Cash payment: Kindly visit any RelianceCommunications outlet to make cash

    In Case of any queries, Please feel free to call usanytime:

    1. Reliance Mobile Customers can call on *222 from your Reliance phone.
    2. Reliance HSD Customers cancall on *355 from your Reliance Mobile or
    180030005555 or 30335555 from any other phone.

    Our Customer serviceexecutives will be happy to assist you.

    Thank you for being part of Reliance Communications family.

    Customer Services
    Reliance Communications